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A: It's the same old story You've heard it all before In a blink of an eye Think they know the score A: We're judged & found guilty For some a cross to bear Being branded at first sight But we've stopped to care B: Heroes 2 none - Villains 2 all What you get is what you see Heroes 2 none – Villains 2 all So it is & will always be Coz we are heroes 2 none Heroes 2 none A: Time's proven what we are A lifetime against the flow But head's are still held high Despite blow after blow after blow A: We are not looking for glory We are not aiming to please We don't care what you think We won't put your mind at ease
A: Where's your heart completely home How do you describe how it feels A state of mind or a place to be? It's where your heart it's set free B: Home is where the heart is Home is where you feel at ease Home is where your mind's in bliss Home is where you feel at peace Home is where the heart is Heart is home Home is where the heart is Home is where the heart is A: A sanctuary is what it is A safe haven only for you No other place is quite like it Takes you away from all the shit A: What it is it is by choice Chozen for what it means to you You give your all and expose your heart With no worry it'll be torn apart A: Strive to obtain it by any means Cherish it full and guard it hard Difficultly found but easely lost Got to protect it at every cost
A: You have nothing to prove to me So stop trying so God damn hard My approval shouldn't change a thing If right you know it from the start B: Just do what you wanna do Just say what you wanna say Just be who you wanna be Just stay like you wanna stay So what do you wanna do? What do you wanna do? A: Don't let anyone dictate to you How you should act & should not act You are not only the clobber you wear But a lot doesn't realize that fact C: Do what you wanna do A: Accept from me or from anyone else Isn't worth for you to change a thing Stay true to who you are & remain that way Then acceptance of you the future brings
Being There 02:57
A: In a time of need Times lacking laugh(s) Desperate & alone Seeking a new gaf Heartbroken for one Homeless as well In need of a hand Out of this damn hell A: A hand was reached out From a friend at heart No questions asked Offering a new start First make it a home Then mending my aches A true friend like this Does whatever it takes A: Our story goes back 2 old punks united Can't put a price on that Differences – despite it We've been here before So we know each other & how to live together By choice we're brother(s) B: Coz you're there for me And i'm there for you Through the thick of it all We do what we need to do Just being there for you & you there for me Is all that that matters True friendship for all others to see
Hate Monger 03:31
A: I fail to see the point in your modern day crusade It's easy to take a stand when you don't want to debate A: Accuse left aswell as right and refuse accountability Your claims are all far fetched & you've become a liability B: Hate monger You live on strife Hate monger Oh get a life Hate monger shut the fuck up Hate monger I'll make you stop A: What reason do you have if not to divide the scene You target everyone around Stupid – Your past isn't clean A: You preach on deaf ears I don't care what you say Call me this or call me that I do what i want anyway
Expectations 02:32
A: If you diverge from the norm Or at any degree do stand out Have to do this & be like that Or at best be a spineless twat A: You're supposed to fit in the box You're not to question anything at all Adopt majority's chosen uniform Neglect identity to fit the norm B: Live up to what others define Subculture like that i decline No different as what you oppose Isn't rebellion part of what you chose Rules and regulations to uphold You have to do as your told Expectations like that shove it up your bum Expectations like that is living under the thumb C: Who are you to dictate to me What I can and can not be Who elected you king of kings What right do you have to pull the strings A: At heart a rebel & will always be It's a big part of what I am I thought likeminded was the same But appearently not & it's a shame


Debut 10" from the Danish Oi!/Streetpunkband that consists of members with up to 40 years of experience bandwise through bands such as The Zero Point, War Of Destruction, The Hoolies, The Outfit, The Guv'nors & Last Seen Laughing
The album have been produced and mixed by no other than Tue Madsen (MADBALL, SICK OF IT ALL etc.)


released October 1, 2018

Music & Lyrics : Heroes 2 None




Heroes 2 None Aarhus, Denmark

Heroes 2 None is a Streetpunk/Oi! Band from Aarhus, Denmark.

We play basic and plain and simple music true to the roots. Our motto is that if it sounds good then we'll do it regardless if it falls a bit out of the genre.

The band members has a lot of experience from different bands like The Zero Point, The Guv'nors, The Outfit & Last Seen Laughing during the past 35 years.
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